Hyperpigmentation is the most difficult of all the skin classifications to treat and maintain.  To maintain the results, it requires a long-term commitment from you to be vigilant with your homecare and in salon treatments.  Before treating any pigmentation disorders, it is important to have a full understanding as to what causes the condition.

Hyperpigmentation is the result of the skin trying to protect itself from potential harm resulting in an uneven skin colour.  To achieve any results in the treatment of hyperpigmentation, the triggering potential harm factor needs to be eliminated so that the skin no longer needs to be on alert. 

Hyperpigmented Skin Treatment Package – $2,790 (normally $4,176)

Treatments are done depending on phototypes* Correct homecare and sun protection is imperative.  This treatment is ideal during winter months.  With this skin type it is also important that you avoid exposure to direct sunlight.

Treatments are done on a 2–3-week basis (8 months) depending on your skin’s sensitivity and photo type. In skins with more severe environmentally damaged with hyperpigmentation the treatments are done on a 4–6-week basis

2 x Active Rejuvenation Treatments

4 x 35% Glycolic Treatments

4 x SRC HP Treatments

5 x Dermal Needling Treatments

14 x LED Treatments

*With a higher phototype, the treatments may need to be spaced further apart.  The course package is only a guideline.  We will have a thorough consultation with you as each client’s skin and individual concerns differ and will be taken into consideration in planning your individual treatment plan

Recommended Homecare

Nimue Hyperpigmented Starter Kit (one month supply) $149.95 + Nimue Pre & Post $50 (prepare and repair skin barrier for treatments)

  • Nimue Cleansing Gel
  • Nimue Exfoliating Enzyme
  • Nimue Day
  • Nimue Night
  • SPF 40 Sunblock

Hyperpigmented Skin: 6 treatments, 8 products, over 5 months


I’ve battled with stubborn, repetitive hyperpigmentation and have tried various treatments over the past 20 years.   Thanks to Beauty on Kapiti and Christa, I am seeing results thanks to the revolutionary LED treatment.  After having regular visits at the clinic with great results, I bought the LED MASK to use it at home and have found it to be just as good.  It really is amazing how quickly and obvious the improvement in my hyperpigmentation along with hydration and the softness is.  I cannot recommend it enough and the mask is equally amazing for the convenience of an at-home treatment.  This long-term investment in my skin has been the best thing I have ever come across compared to anything I have experienced and been treated for in the past two decades of clinic visits

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