Dermal Needling

Dermal Needling is a corrective treatment that creates rejuvenating micro-channels into the skin’s matrix.

It is possible to achieve striking results by delivering a versatile and customised treatment, which has been documented to improve the appearance of ageing, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, uneven texture, stretch marks and scar tissue on face and body areas.

It is fast, effective, comfortable and offer results after just one treatment. Based on your areas of concern your practitioner may recommend a series of treatments for optimal results.



Recommended treatments for the following skin conditions:



2-6 treatments, 6 weeks apart


Acne Scaring

4-6 treatments, 6 weeks apart


Stretch Marks

4-8 treatments, 6 weeks apart



4-6 treatments, 4 weeks apart


Single Session

Treatment time 45min

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