Beauty from Within

At Beauty on Kapiti we believe that you need to look after the body as a unit to support skin health. Without a healthy body and especially gut health we cannot achieve the amazing results with our skin care products. That is why we decided to stock Bestow Beauty. This is a wonderful range tying in nicely with our philosophy and holistic approach to beauty.

One of the staples in a healthy body and skin is Bestow Beauty Oil Plus. Janine, founder of Bestow had the following to say about the reasons why she developed Bestow Beauty Plus Oil. She found that EFA (essential fatty acid) deficiencies are the most common cause of skin problems.

With our modern diet there is just not enough EFS’s to sustain the processes in the skin that depend on good quality EFA’s. Our bodies can’t make EFA’s and therefore it is vital that we get them from our diet.

Most people don’t even know that they are deficient in EFA’s. This can cause problems with oil regulation, meaning a deficiency can present itself as either dry or oily skin. The strength of the skin can also be affected making your skin more sensitive or reactive. A deficiency in EFA can prematurely age your skin and is sometimes very difficult to diagnose.

Bestow Beauty Plus Oil is different from other oils in that it is made with only the best quality oils and designed with both your skin and body in mind. Bestow Beauty Plus Oil includes a blend of cold-pressed organic flax seed oil, hemp oil, safflower oil, coconut oil, evening primrose oil and blackcurrant seed oil that has been formulated to deliver the best balance of healthy fats for skin health.

For more information please visit us in clinic to discuss how Bestow Beauty Oil Plus can support your skin and body health.


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